The Vex That Is Ice Cream…

There will be an argument…in fact, there have been arguments, avoiding of topics, looks, eye rolls, and a few minor strops….it isn’t that hard….develop a sweet frozen treat to dazzle the masses and judges, and win another prize. It is, after all what we do..

How to top Algerian Lemonade? It worked out so well. Lemon peel, lemon curd, orange flower water, vanilla, strands of saffron, egg custard base w/ gorgeous, organic rose petals, Ras al Hanout, and more lemon….and this combo eclipsed our other entry which was a Chocolate, Chipotle, Porter …spicy and rich, but not the “fairy dust” that was the Algerian Lemonade….

We also had a homerun with our Meatball Takedown entry of Bulgogi Insanity—Cook’s Illustrated Out of the Box winner…just a perfect balance…and left us a bit cocky…not good.

And now we are spoiled…having won/placed in two competitions we are left with a bit of an inflated ego and a need to go one step further. Production this year is eased by our wins last year that garnered us TWO more Cuisinart Ice Cream makers….

So how do we top ourselves without going over board….we both agree that conventional and unconventional ingredients can be combined into an unexpected mix…however, our beer ice cream experiments convinced us that beer was for drinking and cooking, and I tasted Cucumber Ice Cream last week, which explains itself…so far we have tossed around the following:


Raspberry/Rose w/ Orange Peel

Jalapeno Peppers in some form

Creme Brulee (logistic nightmare and engineering feat, but would allow the use of a blow torch)

Kiwi Coconut Avocado

A trio of the above with cake layers in between a’la Petit Fours, in perfect squares….did I mention this is made at home and then has to be transported?

And finally,  a “fill in the blank” flavor that would be presented in individual home made nut brittle bowls that would be molded over inverted mini muffin pans….this until we envisioned the pouring of 2 quarts of boiling sugar over a metal muffin tin, onto the counter and on to us…

What we learned last year:

Different is good

1 great recipe is the way to go

Attention to ingredients is key

Always push ourselves one step further.

Realize that there will be yelling, arguing, some slamming of equipment, stomping and storming out of the kitchen, and ultimately, success.

So far the only thing we have agreed upon is cardamom…..

7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by rex on July 30, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    outstanding! i’d read this if I didn’t even know you!


  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! Cardomom is good! Can’t wait to hear more!


  3. Putting some ideas together right now 🙂


  4. this was the push we needed to get to the next level….


  5. I scrapped the idea of a Baked Alaska type dish with a lemon zest syrup poured into the Italian meringue before torching it…. or have I? 🙂


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